Trainer Profiles


Meet our owner, Jon.  Yes, the guy in the Viking hat has been the owner and operator of BodyFIT since founding the company in 2009.  Before beginning his career as a trainer, Jon played both collegiate and professional football.  Because of this, as no surprise, he was a self-declared meat-head for many years.  After multiple stints in meat-head rehab, Jon finally got his life together by taking it down a notch in the weight room.  As a result, Jon was able to take a huge leap forward in Lexington’s fitness world.  Seeing a lack of fun, intense, yet effective classes in the Lexington area, he decided to utilize his own talents and passion and take matters into his own hands.  After creating the Workout Warehouse, Jon has worked tirelessly to open our second facility, BodyFIT PUNCH.

Jon has a passion and enthusiasm for leading a healthy lifestyle that is matched by few.  His energetic approach to both training clients and running a business are nothing short of contagious.  He has the ability to get the most out of not only his clients, but trainers also, on a daily basis.  Always striving for new and innovative ways to lead classes and private sessions, Jon has what it takes to help anyone reach their fitness goals.  Work out with Jon one time, and not only will you feel it the next day, but you’ll be itching to get back for more.


Brock is BodyFIT’s expert on all things fitness.  With a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, he has the answer to all of your fitness related questions.  Before getting his Masters, Brock attended Transylvania University where he was a standout basketball player.  Fortunately for us, however, he chose to bypass the NBA draft to pursue a fitness career at BodyFIT.  Trading in his ankle braces for cross trainers, Brock has developed a love for exercise that most people simply don’t have.  He backs this passion up by currently holding the world record for number of burpees while wearing size 18 shoes.

Working in the fitness industry for over 5 years now, he has developed his own unique style of training.  His fun outlook and carefree attitude always make you feel comfortable working out at Punch.  But don’t let it fool you.  Sarcasm and the occasional profanity are vintage Brock, but he never stops changing workouts and challenging both himself and others. He will push clients to their limits, ensuring that they wake up the next day feeling the effects of a great workout!


Don’t let Katelynn’s sorority-style “HELLO!” fool you upon walking in at Punch.  BodyFIT’s undisputed World Spelling Champion will have you doing “SQATS” until your legs turn into noodles.  Growing up in the backwoods of Indiana, where they don’t believe in grammar, Katelynn naturally turned her focus to figure skating.  Heralded as the next Nancy Kerrigan, she was cast in the movie Blades of Glory.  Hoping it would showcase her skills, this movie actually sucked, crushing all of her dreams of being a professional figure skater.

Katelynn quickly packed her bags for Lexington, where she is currently a graduate student working towards a Master’s Degree in Spelling Speech/Language Pathology..  In her spare time she is at the Warehouse thinking of new ways to make situps and “sqats” suck even more.  Just wait for her little cackle followed by a soft, quiet “OH YEAH” and you’ll soon see what all the noise is about.  Although your core might be, you definitely won’t be upset after attending one of Katelynn’s classes.


Meet Brennan, the newest addition to the BodyFIT team.  Don’t let her innocent looks fool you, she’s a real badass.  A Florida native, Brennan grew up “wrestlin’ gators” on her parent’s alligator farm.  This began her love for fitness.  Since moving to the Bluegrass, she has traded in her rifle and gator boots for kettle bells and boxing gloves.  Over the past 5 years she has transformed herself from a clumsy, uncoordinated girl who didn’t know a lunge from a pushup into a clumsy, uncoordinated girl who can’t get enough of the gym

A self-proclaimed Lululemon fashion model, Brennan has created a unique style of teaching while rocking her “Barney-purple” yoga pants.  This is very fitting, because after taking one of Brennan’s punch classes for the first time, you might find yourself wobbling around like the big purple dinosaur the next day.  With a shrieking voice that won’t let you relax for a second, you’re sure to get a good workout on the bags with Brennan.


One of the newest members to the Bodyfit Team, Kara is a full time graduate student at UK.  She is working towards her Master’s in Speech/Language Pathology, where her emphasis will be teaching Katelynn how to spell.  Because of her time spent growing up as a world-class cheerleader, you may recognize her from the “Bring it On” movie series.  Fortunately for everyone involved, she decided to put down the pom-poms, get out of the cheerleading world, and move down south to Lexington.

 While at Bodyfit, Kara will be working as a “Front Desk Specialist.”  Don’t let those man-burps fool you, though, as she has the punctuality and organizational skills to keep our trainers and clients on task and on time.  Very personable and social, she will be more than happy to answer any and all questions regarding Bodyfit classes, packages, and procedures.


One thought on “Trainer Profiles

  1. Lucy Moore

    I placed 3rd in my age group @ Run The Bluegrass & would like to get my bourbon barrel. I am here @ Body Fit Punch on Virginia Ave @ the training center. What times are you open so I can come back?I live in Danville, KY please contact me back!

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