Monday Morning Motivation

That is such a cool feeling, isn’t it??  You don’t always realize it when it happens.  But, every once in a while you get those “aha” moments when you realize you just did something you didn’t think you could.  As opposed to all the struggles and difficult workouts, those moments of accomplishment are the ones you need to hold on to.  You’ll get a long just fine if that’s your approach.


Workout of the Week

This week I’ve only got 5 exercises for you.  You’ll need a KB and a box or bench.  Here are your exercises:

  1. KB Swing
  2. Box/Bench Step Up
  3. KB Squat and Upright Row/High Pull
  4. Box/Bench Dips
  5. KB V-up

You’ve got 100 reps for each exercise.  Doesn’t matter to me how you get there, or what order you go in, just get to 100 for each.  As always, rest when needed and focus on your form.


Workout of the Week

Alright, its officially the first full week of 2015.  Time to get back in the groove of things.  But down the sweets and drinks and lets get back to business.  What better way to get off the year than a themed workout???  It’s 2015, so let’s just use that as our theme, shall we??

20 Repetitions.  15 exercises.

  1. Plank Climb
  2. Knee Crossover – R and L
  3. Reverse Lunge – R and L
  4. Squat Hop
  5. Burpee
  6. V-Up
  7. Alternating Leg Lift – R and L
  8. Pushup
  9. Pushup Jacks
  10. Front Lunges – R and L
  11. Squat Jump
  12. Burpee
  13. Side Plank Hip Dip – R and L
  14. Pushup
  15. Mountain Climber – R and L

There you have it.  15 of your favorite exercises.  Complete 20 full reps on each exercise.  If you’ve got time and enough energy, go through for another round.  If not, do what you can.  Rest when needed, but push yourself.


Workout of the Week

The Christmas holiday is right around the corner.  So being in the holiday spirit like I am, were doing a “12/25” workout this week.  I’m giving you 12 exercises and you have 25 reps for each one.

  1. KB Swings
  2. Burpees
  3. KB Squat Press
  4. V-Up
  5. Pushup
  6. Mountain Climbers (R and L)
  7. Squat Jump
  8. Jumping Jack
  9. Knee Crossovers (R and L)
  10. KB Squat Pull
  11. Burpees
  12. Pushups

I know a couple of exercises are on there twice, but they’re good ones.  Do one round, or two if you’re feeling extra jolly this week.  Either way, get after it.