Class Schedule

Check our online schedule out here.


5 thoughts on “Class Schedule

  1. Carla

    I’m interested in some information about the classes you offer ! I’m looking for something that I can do with my teenage daughter not only to get in shape but have a little fun doing it together ! If you could please send me the info along with pricing that would be terrific ! Thanks for your time

  2. Michelle

    I am new to Lexington and have always wanted to try boxing/kickboxing. I am looking for more information on each class and prices.

    • Brock Jones

      Feel free to visit our website

      We offer kickboxing and kettlebell classes. We are currently offering a week of free classes for all first time clients. We like for our clients to be able to try out our classes prior to making a commitment of any kind. You can access your week free through our website under the “Schedule” tab. Our prices after the first week are 20/class or $75/month of unlimited classes. We will soon be offering a numbered class package, probably after the holidays.


    • bodyfitPUNCH

      We offer individual/personal training and group fitness classes. To see our class schedule, visit and click the Schedule link at the top. That will take you to our scheduling site and you can look at all of our classes. Every new/potential client will receive a week of free classes in order to try them out and see if they like them. Each potential personal training client will receive a free half hour session. Feel free to stop in the gym to check us out or call back during the evenings before 8 PM. Thanks!!

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