What to expect in January

Remember to book your classes AND show up to them! Also, be on the lookout for a new challenge and improvements around the gym 🙂



Check it out! Fitness challenge Friday! Click the link below for the video.

3 rounds exercise is 30 seconds each

1. Jump lunges
2. Tricep dips (box)
3. Burpees
4. Jump squats
5. Push ups
6. Russian twist
7. Leg lifts
8. Plank jacks


Good luck!!!

Workout of the Week

I’ve got a good, short workout for you this week.  It’s only two exercises, and you won’t need any equipment.  So no excuses.

Your exercises: Squat Jumps and Pushups

The layout is pretty simple.  Start with 1 Squat Jump and 20 Pushups.  Then move up to 2 Squat Jumps and down to 19 Pushups.  Keep going until you reach 20 Squat Jumps and 1 Pushup.  You’ll end up doing 210 of each.  The pushups can certainly be done from the knees if needed, as they will probably be more difficult for most of you than the jumps.


Workout of the Week

If you didn’t know this by now, I’m somewhat of a Duke basketball fan.  Don’t hold it against me, I know it’s one of my very few flaws.  Regardless, Duke had a big day yesterday as Coach K earned his 1,000th career win.  So, today, we celebrate.  I’m giving you six exercises to choose from, and you have to get to 1,000 reps.  It doesn’t matter what order you go in, or how many reps of each you do (minimum 50 each exercise).  Just get to 1,000.

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Pushups
  4. Leg Lifts
  5. Situps
  6. Mountain Climbers

Remember, minimum 50 reps each exercise.  After that, I don’t care how many you do of each, just get to 1,000 total reps.