Open Gym…woohoo!!!


You ask and we deliver.  We now have open gym hours.  If time is an issue and you can’t make it to a class, then come on in when you can (between our open gym hours) and get your sweat on!  Here are the specifics:

Hours: Monday-Thursday 6am-1pm and 4pm-8pm; Friday 6am-1pm and Saturday 8:45am-12pm

*These hours could change…holidays, classes are canceled, etc.  Call us and we will confirm the open gym hours. (859) 288-0097

Price: Drop-in Member (you already have monthly unlimited classes) $5; Drop-in Non-Member $10

          Open Gym Monthly Unlimited Member $15; Open Gym Monthly Unlimited Non-Member $30

This is cool and we’re excited to be able to offer this to you but we’ve got to make sure and cover some things.  Of course, if there is a class going on or a class about to start in the room that you want to use, sorry, the classes come first.  It might be a good idea to take a look at our class schedule first and we will post it around the gym as well.  Also, please follow the “rules” that are posted about Open-Gym, “be respectful of others and the equipment”, etc.  And please clean up after your workout…the equipment, your sweat, etc.

Finally, we DO NOT want to become a typical gym.  We hope you all know that.  This is just another way we want to improve upon our services FOR YOU!  If you have any questions/concerns or to set up Open Gym Monthly, please contact us: or call us (859) 288-0097.

We hope to see you all sweating again soon!


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