A Surprise Fix

If you’re any type of runner at all – competitive, recreational, distance, sprint, or just the occasional trot around the block – then you’ve probably experienced pain in your Illiotibial (IT) Band at some point or another.  The IT Band is a very long tendon that is attached the the tensor facia latae muscle.  This muscle/tendon combination stretches all the way from your hip to the lateral portion of the knee joint.

One commonly prescribed “treatment” for IT Band pain is to foam roll.  You’ve probably heard it coming from running buddies, trainers, and doctors, and everybody in between.  There is certainly nothing wrong with this prescription.  In fact, there is much research showing the benefits of using a foam roller.  But, it isn’t the “cure-all” that some make it out to be.  A client of mine sent me an article this week that gets to the root of the problem, and does a very good job of explaining just what is happening to most runners.

The article comes from Breaking Muscle, a website with articles and forums covering any and everything related to muscles and their activities.  It’s a very informative and easy-to-follow explanation, one that you can read here.

Make sure the read the entire article.  It provides not only a good lesson in anatomy and physiology, but provides a good video description toward the end.  Also, read the first two comments in the comment section.  A reader brings a good question and the author offers a pretty good explanation of the article.  Hope you learn something!!


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