In Defense of Beer

Looks delicious, doesn’t it….

As most of you know, we here at Bodyfit like beer.  Actually, let me rephrase that…. we LOVE beer.  What can I say???  We like to have a good time.  And nothing helps you relax after a long day quite like a cold beer.  Now I’m not advocating for heavy drinking 5 nights a week, but there isn’t anything wrong with the occasional brew.  In fact, I’ve got some information to back that up…

Here are a couple of articles I have recently come across regarding the consumption of beer and exercise, running in particular.

  • This article deals with the physiological effect that beer has on running performance.  Although it is a very small study and sample size, it does provide some interesting results.
  • Here we get to see a professional runner’s opinion on the hoppy beverage.  You may be quite surprised by his take.
  • Lastly, we get to see the actual health benefits of beer.  Now, it certainly isn’t going to be considered a “health food” by your nutritionist, but beer does have a few beneficial components that may be of interest to you.

So, now you’ve got some scientific and some not-so-scientific information regarding your favorite beverage.  The question is now… To drink, or not to drink????  If you’re a regular at our gym, I think you know the answer!!


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