Workout of the Week

This week I’m throwing a cardio workout your way.  It’s a pretty simple, yet very effective workout.  Should take anywhere from 30-45 minutes based on your speed and number of reps you complete.  This can be done outside on a track or inside on a treadmill.


5 Min warmup – light jog

5-8 sets – 600m run – rest 2 min after each set

5 min cool down – light jog


600m on a track is going to be 1.5 laps.

600m on a treadmill is going to be approximately 0.38 miles on the digital reader.

Each 600m run should be approximately 80-90% max effort.  You don’t want to go all out so that you cannot complete another set, but you want to push yourself to increase both speed and endurance with this workout.




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