Workout of the Week

You’ve only got three exercises this week, but you’ve got a high number of reps for each exercise.  No weights needed, just you and a little bit of space.  Here we go…

Burpees – 100

Leg Lifts – 150

Squats – 200

You can break these exercises down into however many reps and sets you wish.  You can do all reps at once or make them into a circuit.  It does not matter to me – just get them done!!



Morning Motivation


You don’t have to worry about being perfect, because it will never happen.  Instead of focusing on areas of perceived weakness, concentrate on areas of strength.  Sure, you struggle with some things, or there are things you’d like to improve.  But they’re are also things you’re great at and that you love about yourself.  Focus on the good.  Trust me, it makes a world of difference.


How to Beat the Heat

The summer months are here and the days of single digit weather are long gone. Since the majority of you reading this live below the Mason-Dixon Line then you know exactly what to expect: a lot of heat and humidity, and no wind or rain. That’s the gist of summer weather here in Kentucky. I know, not necessarily the ideal running conditions, right? Well, there’s not really much we can do about the weather, so we might as well deal with it. Here are seven tips that will help you stay active and on track with your running workouts throughout the summer.

RISE AND SHINE. Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re not a morning person. You hate being up before the sun – I get it. I’m willing to guess that you’re also not a heat stroke person, either. The best way to avoid the heat in the summer time is simple: get going before it does. And let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing prettier than watching the sun come up over a Kentucky horse farm in the middle of nowhere. You owe it to yourself to see it in person

STAY UP LATE. If you absolutely refuse to get up before the sun, then your best bet is to wait until it goes down. Although it is generally still hot and muggy during the summer evenings, it beats having the sun beaming down on you. It will save you 10-15 degrees, and a one huge headache.

STAY HYDRATED. This could possibly be the most important of all, regardless of the time of year or time of day. Hydration is vital no matter when or where you are running. But, when we add severe temperatures into the mix, it becomes even more important. Drink plenty of water before, during (if possible), and after your run.

RUN INDOORS. If you absolutely refuse to run early or late, then try taking it indoors. Trust me, I hate running on an indoor track as much as the next guy. Let’s be honest, they flat out suck. But, 70 degrees in the air conditioning is quite appealing when it feels like the surface of the sun outside. There are plenty of gyms with indoor tracks here in town for you to take advantage of.  OR, you could come PUNCH and hop on our torture devices known as treadmills.  Your odds of running at an incline will go up exponentially, but at least you’ll be inside.

RUN SLOWER. If you insist on running outdoor, start off at a slower speed. There is nothing more detrimental when running in the heat than going out too fast. This will get your heart rate and body temperature elevated faster than you think. While this is certainly not uncommon, it is something you want to try and avoid as much as you can.

RUN SHORTER. Allow yourself time to get acclimatized to the warmer weather. Instead of running 5 miles at high noon, opt for a 5k instead. Let your body, and mind, get used to the drastic change in temperature.

SWAP YOUR HEADGEAR. During the winter months, I always wear a hat or beanie. This keeps all the warmth from my big ole’ head close to my body. In the summertime, you want to do just the opposite. Swap the hat out for a lightweight visor. It’s a good way to let off some extra body heat while still keeping the sun out of your eyes.

There you have it. Next to sitting next to the air conditioner, these tips are your best bet for not dying from a heat stroke during the summer months.  Stay cool folks.

Workout of the Week

This week we’re doing a bodyweight workout.  You don’t even need a stopwatch.  Just get up off the couch and get to it.  Here you go..


Squat Jumps – 50

Leg Raises – 40

Plank Climbs – 30

Split Jumps – 20

Burpees – 10

Pushups – 20

Bicycle Situps – 30

Front Lunges – 40

Jumping Jacks – 50


Go through this circuit as quickly as you can.  Complete 2-3 circuits for a great combination of strength training and cardio work!!



Food Profile: Green Beans

These lean, green, machines are packed with all sorts of health benefits.  Unique from most other beans, green beans are picked when they are still immature.  This is why they can be snapped in half with something as little as a twist of the fingers, and also why they can be eaten fresh, full pod and all.  They are generally sold year round in most grocery stores, but are in season during the summer and early fall.

Health Benefits

Antioxidant Support – green beans are a great source of antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and manganese.  The falvonoid and carotenoid content is where green beans get most of their antioxidant activity, however.

Cardiovascular – Improvements in blood fat levels, and protection of blood fats has been shown from increased green bean intake.

Omega 3s, Folate, Vitamin K – Most people do not realize, but green beans are a good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, containing similar levels of certain FAs as walnuts!  Folate and Vitamin K are also two nutrients that can be found in abundance in green beans

Green Beans, cooked
(Note: “–” indicates data unavailable)
1.00 cup
(125.00 g)
GI: very low
nutrient amount DRI/DV
Protein 2.36 g 4.72
Carbohydrates 9.85 g 4.38
Fat – total 0.35 g
Dietary Fiber 4.00 g 16.00
Calories 43.75 2.43

Green beans are obviously best when fresh.  They hold their nutritional value when placed in the refrigerator and can keep for up to a week.  Green beans can also be frozen and keep their nutritional value for up to 3-4 months.  When cooking, especially fresh beans, make sure to rinse them off with hot water and snap or cut off both edges.  Steaming is the optimal way to maintain the nutrient content, but boiling works well also.  Now go enjoy these very-easy-to-cook green machines!!


Workout of the Week

This week I’m throwing a cardio workout your way.  It’s a pretty simple, yet very effective workout.  Should take anywhere from 30-45 minutes based on your speed and number of reps you complete.  This can be done outside on a track or inside on a treadmill.


5 Min warmup – light jog

5-8 sets – 600m run – rest 2 min after each set

5 min cool down – light jog


600m on a track is going to be 1.5 laps.

600m on a treadmill is going to be approximately 0.38 miles on the digital reader.

Each 600m run should be approximately 80-90% max effort.  You don’t want to go all out so that you cannot complete another set, but you want to push yourself to increase both speed and endurance with this workout.