Workout of the Week

This week I’ve got a cardio workout for you to complete.  It’s a pretty simple workout, only taking 25 minutes to complete, including a warmup.  Here is your workout:

5 Min warmup – Light jog 4 min/walk 1 min


10 sets: Run 90 seconds/walk 30 seconds

2-3 minute cooldown (optional)

There you go, it’s as simple as that.  I want you running as quick as you can for 90 seconds.  I don’t care how slow you take it for the 30 second rest, but crank it up on the run.  You should be tired at the end of each set, but not so tired that you can’t maintain the same speed on the next set.  By the time you are on the last couple sets, you should be running much faster and expending a lot more energy.  Run hard enough on the last set so that you wouldn’t be able to maintain that speed on another set if you were to keep going.  A short and sweet workout, but one that should be tough!!



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