Workout of the Week

This week I’m going to ditch the weights and give you a cardio workout.  This workout is very similar to one that my own trainer put me through whenever I was in high school/college.  He called in the Gaunlet, but I’ll let you call it whatever the hell you want to.  Here’s the deal:  You pick four pieces of cardio equipment (for me, it’s the treadmill, bike, stair climber, and rowing machine) and complete a specific amount of time for each exercise on each round.

Round 1

Treadmill – 8 Min, Bike – 4 Min, Stair Climber – 4 Min, Row – 8 Min

Round 2

Treadmill – 4 Min, Bike – 2 Min, Stair Climber – 2 Min, Rower – 4 Min

Round 3

Treadmill 2 Min, Bike 1 Min, Stair Climber – 1 Min, Rower – 2 Min

The goal is to run, bike, climb, and row faster with each progressive round.  The time will be shorter, but you will also be a little more tired each time.  But push through that, and work just as hard during the last round as you have for the first two.




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