Shaking My Head

Look at them, aren’t they so cute??

If you are unsure as to what these are, let me explain real quick.  These are weight lifting gloves.  Yes, they make them.  And yes, unfortunately, people (guys I’m looking at you) wear them.  Don’t mistake these with MMA or boxing gloves.  Those are made for people who are punching heavy shit.  These gloves, on the other hand, are made for people who are pansies.  They are made primarily to prevent blistering, sweating on weights, and callusing.  Their secondary function is to lock in all of someone’s manhood, keeping it from showing at all times.

Let me say that I’m not one of those meatheads who thinks that masculinity revolves around callus-covered hands and blisters the size of a quarter.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of calluses, but I’m also not against silky smooth skin every once in a while either (My smoking hot girlfriend really likes them to, so there’s that.)  I don’t particularly enjoy blisters, calluses, etc., but that kind of comes with the territory of lifting weights.  If you want me to lose all respect for you as a man, then go grab some weight lifting gloves.  While you’re at it, throw on some heels and a dress, too.

I cannot tell you in words how much I laugh to myself when I see a grown man wearing gloves in the gym.  I saw somebody wearing them yesterday, and I could not help but to start Shaking My Head.



2 thoughts on “Shaking My Head

  1. Trevor Lockwood

    What’s your opinion on straps? I use them for dead lifts and shrugs but still want to be viewed as masculine.

  2. swlikeablegirl

    Allright now, those are some fightin’ words there. 🙂 As a yoga teacher, I admit I giggle a little to myself when I see people wearing those grippy gloves and socks on their mat so they don’t slide around. Then I remind myself that anything that helps their practice progress is good. If they need a little grippy help, so be it. I wear gloves when I lift – my hands sweat (a lot) and gloves help keep my hand position from slipping. It gives me better consistency through reps since I’m not constantly having to put a weight down to readjust my grip or wipe off my hands, and helps prevent aggravating a chronic shoulder injury for me from accidental slips. Perspective. Some people wear them for the function, not just because they look cool. 🙂

    Also, no one likes a girl with blistered/calused-up man-hands no matter how much they love the muscle that created them.

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