Hump Day Motivation

No matter how good or bad things are for you, whether you’re happy with where you are or not, you can still get better.  You can get stronger, faster, and healthier.  It starts with you, and it starts now!!



Workout of the Week

This week I’m going to ditch the weights and give you a cardio workout.  This workout is very similar to one that my own trainer put me through whenever I was in high school/college.  He called in the Gaunlet, but I’ll let you call it whatever the hell you want to.  Here’s the deal:  You pick four pieces of cardio equipment (for me, it’s the treadmill, bike, stair climber, and rowing machine) and complete a specific amount of time for each exercise on each round.

Round 1

Treadmill – 8 Min, Bike – 4 Min, Stair Climber – 4 Min, Row – 8 Min

Round 2

Treadmill – 4 Min, Bike – 2 Min, Stair Climber – 2 Min, Rower – 4 Min

Round 3

Treadmill 2 Min, Bike 1 Min, Stair Climber – 1 Min, Rower – 2 Min

The goal is to run, bike, climb, and row faster with each progressive round.  The time will be shorter, but you will also be a little more tired each time.  But push through that, and work just as hard during the last round as you have for the first two.



Shaking My Head


If you look at this picture and don’t immediately start laughing then there is seriously something wrong with you.  I realize that it has nothing to do with fitness, but it was simply too good to pass up.  I can only imagine what is going through this guy’s head right now, other than a soccer ball.  Feel free to leave your own caption…

Shaking My Head

I need a good laugh this morning as much as some of you.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the next 6 or so minutes of your day.  When it hits the 1:39 mark, you’ll know just why I chose this video.

Workout of the Week

Pretty simple workout for you this week.  You have four bodyweight exercises:

  1. Pushups
  2. Split Squat Jumps
  3. Burpees
  4. Alternating Leg Lift

I want 100 reps for each exercise.  For the SSJ, that will be 50 each leg.  For the Leg Lift, I still want 100 each leg.  Doesn’t matter how you break them up, how many reps you do at a time, or what order you do them.  Just get to 100.  As quickly as possible


Shaking My Head

Don’t you just love the one picture that really does say a thousand words?  HAHA.  You guys should all know by now how much I love to make fun of Crossfit.  Just add this one to my repertoire.  Next thing you know they’ll be doing funny looking pullups….