Shaking My Head

Does this win the award for Worst Placed Fathead??  It’s got to be the most awkward (or best, depending on your how much of a creep you are) placement of a wall decoration of all time, right?  Not only is it just flat out weird to have a life-size picture of someone stretching up on a wall, but the obvious elephant in the room isn’t doing her any favors either.  I can hear it now: Hey, let’s have her spread her legs wide open.  Then, we will put it on the wall right above the electrical outlet.  It will look GREAT, and all the world will be able to see!!!!  Nobody will ever look at this and laugh!!!

While I feel bad for her most unfortunate luck here, I can’t help but laugh at this one.  It’s sheer brilliance, and for all the wrong reasons.



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