Shaking My Head

After the heavy leg weekend of biking and running last weekend, I could definitely relate to this on Monday and Tuesday.  It’s one of the best, worst feelings in the world.  That may sound like a contradiction, but if you’ve felt it, you know exactly what I mean.  And not to mention, this is just a pretty funny picture, anyways.





Hump Day Motivationg

I don’t know why but this seemed funny to me, and completely true.  For those of you going through the mid-week lull, remember, things can always get a little worse.

Exercise of the Week

Toe Touch Lunge Jump

We’ve been doing this exercise in class for a little while now, but it still may be new to some of you.  If it is new to you, you’re in for a treat.  The exercise goes just as the name indicates.  With your lunge jump, you’re going to take your hand down to touch your opposite foot.  Make sure you bend with your knees as opposed to your hips.  Trust me, this is going to make it burn a little more, but it will be worth it.  A great exercise for people at all fitness levels.

Benefits of Incline Training

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It’s the dead of winter and you are more than likely getting sick and tired of using the treadmill for your cardio.  You’ve tried plenty of different interval workouts, varying your speed and distances.  But still, you’re getting bored.  Well, here’s a good way to freshen things up and still get in a hell of a workout.  Hit that button on the left instead of the one on the right, and start running uphill.


Here are just a few of the benefits to incline training.

Higher Muscle Activation – This is just a really fancy term that means more muscles are involved.  When compared with standard flat level running, incline increases the activation of almost every lower body muscle group (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, glutes),  particularly the calves and hip flexors.  Your calves are stretched a bit more because of the angle of your foot while landing, while your…

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Workout of the Week

Each exercise is a bilateral movement.  The reps given are total reps, so split them up between right and left sides.  15 reps on each side.  Complete 4-5 Rounds.

Kneeling Swing – 30

Alt Front Lunge Exchange – 30

Single Leg Deadlift – 30

Single Arm Squat Press – 30