It’s a NEW CHINESE YEAR, are you ready for a NEW CHINESE YOU?

Come pick-up your FREE Resolution Solution packet today!  It’s packed with all types of information to help you succeed with your fitness goals in 2014!

We’re freakin PUMPED about the CHINESE New Year and even more excited that you’re apart of the BODYFIT PUNCH family as we go into 2014.  Most people get excited around the New Year because it’s a chance to start over.  After making some changes for the first month or two, their excitement starts to die down and eventually turns back into the same ole routines as the year before.  We want to change that and are committed to helping you keep your resolutions this year!  If you read our blog or have been to class in the last few weeks, you’ve seen the BODYFIT PUNCH RESOLUTION SOLUTION.  This is just the beginning as far as what we have in store for you in 2014.  This year is gonna be a big year for us and we have some awesome things coming your way.  Below we’ve some highlighted some of these things that will start Wednesday, January 1.

  • The 90 Day Challenge:  Starting January 1 and going through March 31, we will be tracking your class visits.  Your challenge is to complete 60 classes in 90 days!  Of course, there will be prizes!  Be among the 1st to hit 60 classes and you could win a free month of unlimited classes, new gloves, personal training sessions, etc.
  • Goal Sheets and Contracts:  Bring in your 2014 Goal Sheets and Contracts to the gym and we will keep them on file for you.  Having your goals on file in the gym will help us hold you accountable and keep you working toward those goals.  Having trouble developing appropriate goals?  Come in and talk with Jon or Brock on what are reasonable and reachable goals for you in 2014!!
  • New Referral Program:  Invite your friends to try BODYFIT PUNCH and you could win your choice of a number of prizes including $45 CASH, 1 FREE Personal Training session, or $45 off your next month of unlimited classes!  This program applies to the Monthly Unlimited Package.  When you refer a friend and they sign-up, you get rewarded!  The Resolution Solution is a great way to introduce your friends to us.  It’s FREE to anyone so encourage them to come in and pick one up!  Or, copy and email this link to them and they can check it out themselves
  • OPEN GYM HOURS:  We are working on setting some times during each day that BODYFIT PUNCH is open to our current members/friends for you to come in and workout on your own.  This will give you access to the facility and the equipment as long as there is not a class going on.  Also, the “Workout of the Week” will be posted to help give you some guidance.  The cost for this will be $5 per visit or $15 added on to your monthly package for Unlimited Open Gym access.
  • Corporate Fitness Program:  This program is designed as TEAM BUILDING for you and your peers.  We are more likely to accomplish our goals if we have the support from those around us.  Work groups or groups of friends will have a set class time 30-60 minutes in length, a minimum of once a week for $50 per class.  The cost can be paid by the business you work for or split by the individuals in the class.  Ask Jon or Brock for more details.

We can’t wait to get 2014 started at BODYFIT PUNCH and we hope you’re ready too!

373 Virginia Ave. STE 110
Lexington, KY 40504


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