Shaking My Head


Take a look at this jackass right here… Nothing annoys me more than something like this.  The guy at GNC who doesn’t know the first thing about real nutrition.  The personal trainer who is more out of shape than his or her clients.  It doesn’t happen all that often, because most people in the fitness industry actually enjoy being fit and healthy.  When you run into one of these guys, though, it’s almost so pathetic it’s not even funny.  Almost.

Think about it…. Would you go to an accountant who can’t even do their own taxes?  Would you take financial advice from someone who is in debt up to their ears?  Then why in the hell would you take any type of fitness or nutritional advice from some nitwit behind a desk??

Like I said, it doesn’t happen that often.  That’s also what makes these guys stick out like a sore thumb.  More times than not, I’m left with nothing to do but start Shaking My Head.


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