Core Strengthening For Runners – How It Really Works

Want a stronger core? Want to run better? Better take a look…

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Many people are under the assumption that core strengthening only consists of sit-ups, crunches, six-packs, and infomercials.  There is certainly nothing wrong with this “aesthetic” approach to core training, but, for runners core training goes beyond just washboard abs.  A stronger, more stable core can improve your performance and lower the risk of injury.

What are your core muscles??
If you ask the common gym-goer, you’re talking about the rectus abdominis – the six pack muscles.  For runners, however, the phrase “core muscles” encompasses a little bit more than that.  My answer to this question is pretty simple:  Everything from the bottom of your chest to your knees, front and back, is part of your core.

It is important to know not only what your core muscles are, but what they do, as well.  Here are some of the major core areas and their functions:

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