Exercise of the Week


Most of you have done the KB Swing before.  If not, you’ve at least heard of it or you’ve seen someone doing it.  So, I’m not posting this in hopes of introducing a new exercise, but rather with the goal of showing you two different (and correct) ways to do the swing.

Standard Swing

The traditional swing is essentially a hinge motion around your hips.  As you can see, you want a slight bend in your knees, but the main rotation and movement is at the hips.  You’re pushing your hips back while rotating down, and then using the hips to swing the kettlebell forward.  Your abdominal muscles come into the movement by stopping your forward motion.  You are basically standing up nice and tall at the top without extending past vertical.  DO NOT HYPER-EXTEND THE LOW BACK AT THE TOP!!!!

Low Swing

This swing is good if you are someone who suffers from low back pain.  Since you are more upright throughout the range of motion, there is less stress placed on the back muscles.  You’re still going to get some hip work done here, just not as much.  Bending more at the knee will place more emphasis on the quad muscles as opposed to the hamstrings.  The emphasis here at the top of not hyper-extending is still the same.

Personally I prefer the standard swing.  When done correctly, I feel like it’s one of the better exercises for hip strength.  Either version is fine, but understand there are different reasons for each style.  If you’re looking for more of a hip-dominant movement, then stick with the standard version.  If you’re wanting a little more involvement from the leg muscles, or have lower back issues, then use the low swing version.  Find what works for you and go with it!!




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