Exercise of the Week

Suspension Pushup Series

This week I’m giving you a few different exercises.  They can all be done from the same position on the suspension trainer, so it is a smooth transition from one into the next.  The first exercise is the standard pushup.  While it’s done just like a regular pushup, having your feet in the straps will take away the stability of the normal version.  You will have to focus on keeping your core tight here to prevent swaying back and forth.  The next two exercise are done with the arms locked out directly under the shoulders.  One exercise you will bring both knees into your chest, while the other exercise you will be alternating your knees.  On both movements, try to make it a smooth motion where you are in control the whole time, really focusing on using your abs.  Obviously, you don’t have to do all three of these exercises at once.  Take a rest if needed, and get right back to it.



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