Shaking My Head

Oh boy….

I can’t take credit for finding this article myself, as I rarely seek out advice on this topic.  A client found it and shared it with me.  Feel free to check out Gatorade’s new supplemental suppository.  Yeah, you read that right, a performance enhancing suppository.  If you pay attention in the article, it says the words “easily” and “inserted” in succession.  Now I’m personally not a big on suppositories, and God willing, won’t ever have to take one.  But, I can’t imagine anything being easily inserted in that region.  But hey, what do I know?  You have to be pretty serious about taking supplements that may or may not have any effectiveness on performance whatsoever to even think about this.  You can just put me on the television show “Shark Tank,” because I’M OUT!!!!

The simple thought of this, as you may well know by now, leaves me Shaking My Head.


2 thoughts on “Shaking My Head

  1. Zack T

    I was going to post and point out that this isn’t real, but I can’t tell if your article is meant to be as satirical as the source (the onion). Although, I guess that is kind of the point.

  2. Brock Jones

    Yeah, the Onion is one of my favorite sites. Most of my “Shaking my Head” articles are pretty satirical in their own right, so I figured that would be a good fit.

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