Exercise of the Week

Suspension  Split Squat

This is a great exercise not only because it allows us to strengthen each leg independently, but it forces you to focus on balance and stability at the same time.  Often times people will speed through a movement, which takes away from some of the overall value.  This exercise, however, forces you to slow down.  Doing so will really allow you to focus on proper technique as opposed to just going through the movement.

On the way down I want you to focus just as much on pushing your leg back as anything else.  Your weight will be on the foot that’s on the ground, but focusing on pushing your other knee back and down will keep your front knee from coming too far forward.  This exercise can easily be done wrong, so focus on pushing the back knee straight down, and that will help eliminate some mistakes.

I put this view in here just to show that there will be a little bit of swaying from side to side with this exercise.  Any time that one leg is up off the ground, this can be expected.  Losing your balance and catching yourself isn’t always a bad thing, as it forces you to activate muscles that wouldn’t normally be used.  If you lose balance, simply slow down, catch yourself, and get back to it.

Using the suspension trainer for this exercise is relatively advanced.  Some people may not have the balance or core strength needed for such an unstable surface.  If that is you, then you can always put your foot on a bench behind you and go through the same motion.  The bench will provide a much more stable surface.  If that is still too difficult, start with both feet on the ground in a split squat (lunge) position and move up and down while standing still.



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