Exercise of the Week

Kneeling Side Chop

This week I’ve got a good core and upper body movement for you.  This is an exercise that some of you might have done already with me in a class, but still might be new to others.  It is a great exercise because it hits both the core and arm muscles, and throws in a little balance work as well.  Here I am using a dumbbell, but this exercise can be done with just about anything – dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, etc..

One of the main things I want you to focus on here is keeping your body nice and tall as I am in the video.  Try not to bend over or rotate down with the weight as you bring it down.  It’s okay to rotate horizontally, but rotating down with the weight will pull on those lower back muscles.  Use your core primarily to stop the momentum of the weight and bring it back up.  Your arms will obviously be used here to move the weight, but I want you to try and use your core for more momentum as opposed to all arms here.  Make sure to complete repetitions in both directions to even out the work done on both sides of the body.


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