The Real Health Pyramid

I saw this graphic yesterday and couldn’t help but share it.  The reason why is simple:  It’s the truth.


Unfortunately, many people have it ass-backward when it comes to weight loss.  They exercise a lot, but don’t eat right.  If you read my post on Monday about Nutrition and Exercise, you should know the relationship between the two.  The truth of the matter is that nutrition is just as important as both resistance and cardiovascular training.

This pyramid would indicate that eating is the most important of the three.  While most health experts would agree that if made to choose between the three, nutrition would take top priority.  But, that DOES NOT mean you get to neglect the other two.  Any WELL BALANCED and SUCCESSFUL program is going to have elements of all three.

Take away message from this:  Eat right.  Lift a lot of heavy stuff.  Work your cardiovascular system.  That simple.


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