Weekend Workout

As many of my own clients can vouch for, I’ve been on a huge incline kick lately.  Maybe it’s because my team is getting ready for a rather hilly race in a month, or maybe it’s just because incline training kicks some major ass.  Either way, I’ve got another incline cardio workout for you for the weekend.  It’s very simple, yet very effective.

If you’re outside, all you gotta do is find a hill.  Find a hill that will take you 10-15 seconds to sprint up, and one with a relatively steep incline.  You don’t want it to be vertical, but we’re not talking corn fields, either.  If you’re inside, set your treadmill at around 15-20% incline.  If it doesn’t go that high, then set it at the max incline.

There’s your setup.  That simple.  I want you to complete 25 uphill sprints.  That may sound like a lot, but when you put it in perspective, it’s only 250 seconds of sprinting, which is 4 minutes and 10 seconds.  Rest time is going to be between 30-45 seconds, so you should have plenty of time for recovery between each one.  Doing the math, you can get an awesome workout done in less that half an hour.  Now get up and get after it!!


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