What’s Better??? Being Better or Worse??

You know you love these commercials.  Don’t lie…

I put this video here for two reasons…. First, it’s funny.  If you don’t think these AT&T commercials are hilarious, then something is seriously wrong with you.  I laugh every time.  Second, in my own weird mind I’ve found a way to connect it to fitness.  Here’s how.

He’s asking the kids a very simple questions:  “What’s better, being better or worse?”  Obviously, the kids get it right.  Job well done.  But when you ask someone – usually a grown up – an equally easy question dealing with fitness, the answer isn’t always correct.  The question I’m referring to is this: “When it comes to fat loss, which type of cardio is better, high intensity or low intensity?”  To me, this question might as well be asking: “When it comes to fat loss, which is better, working hard or not working hard?”

When you break it down like that, it’s a little easier to answer, isn’t it??  I won’t go as far as to say that it bothers me when I hear people recommend low intensity cardio.  I have no problem with it.  It’s good for you, after all.  If you’re wanting to train for a race, or simply increase the distance you can run, you NEED low intensity cardio.  BUT, if your goal is FAT LOSS, and fat loss only, IT IS NOT THE OPTIMAL SOLUTION.

The notion of being able to burn more calories by working less is simply illogical and incorrect.  It should be no surprise to you that the harder you work, the more calories you will burn.  It’s simple.  What I really want to target here is the not so simple part, and that is this:  At low intensities you will burn more fat than at higher intensities. 

Now hold on, you’re thinking I just contradicted myself, aren’t you??  I’ll explain.  It is true that lower intensity yields more fat burning than higher intensity.  BUT, that fat burn is only A PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL CALORIES BURNED.  At higher intensity we burn less fat, but we go through a hell of a lot more calories.  Think of it like this, and trust me, you’ll see it differently….

“When it comes to being better, whats better, burning 50 percent of 100 calories, or 20 percent of 500 calories?”

I know what answer I’m going with….


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