Exercise of the Week

Superman (Pushup Position)

This week I’m bringing you an exercise that is great for core strength and stabilization.  It isn’t a move that is intended for speed, but rather a slow and controlled movement through the range of motion.  In fact, the faster you move through this one, generally, the harder it will be.  So take your time with this one in order to do it correctly and get the most out of it.

Alternating Superman

You can see here that it’s a pretty simple setup and a straightforward exercise.  Nothing too complicated.  Simply left one arm and the opposite leg off of the ground simultaneously.  What you want to focus on here is minimal lean from one side to the other.  There will be a little swaying, but the more you engage your core and control the movement, the less you should move.  Try and get both legs and arms as high as possible, and, under control, lower them back to the ground.  Alternate going from one side to the other.  You can make this version of the exercise more difficult on the arms and core muscles by adding small hand weights.

Single Leg Superman – Advanced

This version is going to make your core work extremely hard to stay balanced.  You’re going to have to focus on keeping your core tight and balancing yourself even more with one leg staying up off the ground.  Remember, slow and controlled is the name of the game with this exercise.  Try to keep the swaying to a minimum, but as you can see, there will be a little just because of the offset nature of the exercise.



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