Introductory offer…ends 9/2/13

Take advantage of our introductory offer and get locked in at the low rate of $65 for monthly unlimited classes at BOTH of our locations.  Even if you have a current package at the BODYFIT Workout Warehouse, sign-up now for this deal because you can set the date for when you want your unlimited classes to start!  Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the online scheduling system here and login to your account (keep this window open to refer back to these steps).  If you don’t have an account, create one by clicking “Sign up!”  Then skip to Step 6.

Step 2: Once you have logged in, click the tab that says “My Info”

my infoStep 3: Then click “Account”

accountStep 4: Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Under “Auto Pays” you will see your “Monthly Membership.”  To the far right click the word “Terminate.”  This will terminate your current contract.

terminateStep 5: This will prompt you to confirm the termination.  Click “OK”

sureNow you are ready to purchase the new contract package that includes Monthly Unlimited Classes at both locations!

Step 6: While still logged in, scroll to the top of the page and click “Online Store”

online storeStep 7: Then click “Contracts”

online storeStep 8: From the drop down menu, select the option that best fits you (includes gloves/wraps or you have gloves/wraps)

Step 9: Select the date that you want your contract to start (your first month’s payment will come out as soon as you make the purchase but your next month’s payment will not come out until 1 month after the date that you select)

whenStep 10: Check the box that says “I agree with the above terms”

Step 11: Then click “Make Purchase”

agreeStep 12: This will take you to your Shopping Cart.  Click “Check Out”

check outStep 13: Click “Place Order”

place orderNow you are good to go!  Start scheduling your classes as usual.  There is now a drop down menu on the class schedule for you to choose classes at the warehouse or at the new Virginia Ave location.  Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions (859) 288-0097 or email us at  See you in class!


Exercise of the Week

Burpee Crossover

Another combination exercises that brings together a couple of awesome movements.  First of all, everyone’s favorite exercise, the burpee.  Next, add in a knee crossover at the bottom to get even more core work with this exercise.

Side View

As you can see here, after you get into the pushup position, you are going to add a crossover with each leg.  Do this before bringing your feet back in.  Make sure to add your jump at the top for each repetition.


Nothing too crazy about the advanced version, simply adding a pushup into the movement.  So one pushup, one crossover with each leg, then hop back in, and add your jump at the top.  Makes for a great combination of cardio and strength training in one movement.


Weekend Workout


Find a flat piece of land, approximately 50-75 yards long; it can be a road, field, track, whatever you like.  Just find something that is flat and will allow you to sprint for 10-15 seconds, because that’s what we’re doing.  Grab a stop watch (or clock of some sort) and get ready.

Sprint for 15 seconds, as fast as you can.  Rest for 1 Minute 15 seconds.  Complete 10 sets.  Then rest for 3-4 minutes

Sprint for 10 seconds, as fast as you can.  Rest for 50 seconds.  Complete 10 sets.  Now you are done.

It’s that simple folks.  No equipment needed.  Not a lot of time needed.  Just a flat terrain and a mindset of kicking some major ass in a quick sprint session.  Now get out there and get after it!!!


This is so true.


This is what I’ve been trying to say to people for a long time.  Stop thinking of it as a diet, because it won’t work.  Just get rid of the shitty food and eat healthy for a change.

Shaking My Head

You get it Granny….


If I ever get to be this old, and if my hair is ever long enough to put in curlers, I hope to be able to pull this look off like this little old lady does here.  Between the all white shoes – which, naturally, I’m under the assumption are Velcro – the shin-high white socks, and the curlers, Granny’s got it going on.  Clearly she doesn’t give a shit about anything anymore; what a beautiful life that must be.  I’m still left Shaking My Head, but this time in a much less annoyed manner.  You go Granny!


1 WEEK FREE for newbies

ImageHaven’t been to a class at BF PUNCH yet?

We’d love for you to come try a week of kickass classes on us!

Here’s how to set up your 1st week free:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Click the “Online Store” tab under the Log In button

Step 3: Click series and memberships

Step 4: Select 1 WEEK FREE

Step 5: Create a Login and an Account then check out

Step 6: Click Book this Service

Step 7: On the Class Schedule, there is a drop down menu under the Class tab.  Use this to select which location you would like attend your first class (BF PUNCH Virginia Ave or BF Workout Warehouse).

Step 8: Once you select the location, select which class you would like to attend

Step 9: Click the Make a Single Reservation button

DONE!  See you in class!  It’s going to AWESOME!

Already know you’re gonna love it?  Click the Contracts option under the Online Store tab.  This option gives you UNLIMITED classes at both locations!