1 WEEK FREE for newbies

ImageHaven’t been to a class at BF PUNCH yet?

We’d love for you to come try a week of kickass classes on us!

Here’s how to set up your 1st week free:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Click the “Online Store” tab under the Log In button

Step 3: Click series and memberships

Step 4: Select 1 WEEK FREE

Step 5: Create a Login and an Account then check out

Step 6: Click Book this Service

Step 7: On the Class Schedule, there is a drop down menu under the Class tab.  Use this to select which location you would like attend your first class (BF PUNCH Virginia Ave or BF Workout Warehouse).

Step 8: Once you select the location, select which class you would like to attend

Step 9: Click the Make a Single Reservation button

DONE!  See you in class!  It’s going to AWESOME!

Already know you’re gonna love it?  Click the Contracts option under the Online Store tab.  This option gives you UNLIMITED classes at both locations!



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