Exercise of the Week

One Arm Lunge Press

This week I’ve got a new exercise for you.  It’s one that we have done in class a few times, but it is new to the blog.  This movement combines a reverse lunge with a one arm overhead press to make a great full body exercise.  In this movement, you’ll notice that I am lunging and pressing with the same side of my body.  Different people prefer different sides, but I like to do it this way for this particular exercise.  I feel that overloading one side of the body in this manner makes you utilize your core muscles a lot more than balancing out the upper and lower limbs would.  This will just add to not only the difficulty, but efficiency of this movement.

Front View

Take your time here.  Being that this is a unilateral movement (one arm/leg at a time) you are going to have to concentrate on staying balanced.  Slow the movement down, engage your core, and try your best not to sway from side to side.

Side View

Although your main focus should be to balance on this exercise, you still want to have proper form with your lunge.  Step back far enough, and drop you knee straight down, so that your front knee isn’t coming over the front of your foot.



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