Shaking My Head

I’ll let you fill in your own caption here….

Gym Moments Will Make You Smile (45 pics)

To me, this represents everything that is good and bad about the gym all in one photo.  First of all, you’ve got a guy clearly working his ass off to try and break what I would only imagine would be his own personal squat record.  With that said, he’s making one hell of a squat face.  I mean seriously, this thing should have its own title, a la Derek Zoolander (Blue Steel being my personal favorite).  I honestly can’t tell if the guy is yelling, crying, or about to regurgitate his breakfast.

Then we’ve got Mr. Nipple Rubber in the background who is getting absolutely JACKED in his gym session today.  I can’t look at him and take him seriously, much less keep from laughing.  I imagine this guy being the guy who goes to the gym once a month, and still doesn’t take it very seriously the one time he does.  I also imagine – for my own benefit – that he doesn’t know either of the guys in the squat rack or the person with the camera, making this one of the BEST photobombs of all time.  Kudos to you, Nipples.

For multiple reasons, and no matter how I try to look at it, this picture leaves me laughing and Shaking My Head.


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