Not Always About the Mirror. Part II

Last week I talked to you guys about how what you see in the mirror and on the scale are not always the most important things in the world.  Yes, your weight loss journey revolves around just that – weight.  And yes, most people exercise not only for a healthier life, but to look good in the mirror.  But, even with that said, there ARE more important things than just that.  Last week I told you what not to focus on, so this week I will give you a few things that you CAN focus on.

PERFORMANCE.  This may not sound like something that you’re used to hearing, but I promise it is important.  I am a big fan of focusing on strengths as opposed to weaknesses.  Now, if you are a competitive lifter or something of that sort, you can’t help but fix your weak spots.  But, I’m not talking to those people.  I’m talking to the person who is on that journey to a healthier lifestyle and gets stuck along the way every once in a while.  You need to realize that there ARE things that you are good at.  Maybe you’ve got a strong lower body.  Maybe your endurance is getting better every day.  Maybe you’re getting some definition in your arms, leading to upper body strength.  Maybe you are kicking ass in that hour-long kickboxing class now.  Maybe you can run a couple of miles without stopping.  Trust me, there is something there.  Something that you are good at.  All you have to do is pay attention and it will show itself to you.  Focus on that, because being positive is WAY more effective that the alternative when it comes to something as important as leading a healthy lifestyle.

PROGRESS.  This plays hand in hand with performance, but adds a little more emphasis on the past.  If you’re in a rut, or frustrated with a possible setback, or maybe just having some trouble getting over a hurdle, all you’ve got to do is take one quick look in the review mirror.  Look at where you were  year ago, 6 months ago, even a couple of weeks ago.  You may think that you’re making very little, if any, progress, but looking back over time to the bigger picture will help you realize just how far you have come along the way.  Realize where you started.  Appreciate where you are.  Work your ass off to get where you’re going.

MOTIVATION.  I can’t tell you how important this aspect is to any fitness journey.  Whatever your motivation is, you have to keep that at the center of your workouts.  Find a goal, whether it’s getting rid of something that happened in the past, or working toward something in the future.  This will give you something to work toward, and get you back in the game if you get stuck along the way.  Working out without motivation is like driving a car without direction.  You have to have somewhere to go, or something to get away from.

I know it is difficult to stay away from the scale and the mirror.  After all, that is why many of us are on our fitness journeys.  But, if you are struggling with that battle, or find yourself overly occupied with what you see on either, then try focusing on something else.  For me, the three topics above help out tremendously.  For you, it may be something different.  Either way, you’re more than just what you see in the mirror or on the scale.  You’ve progressed from the past, and you can do more physically than you think.  All you have to do is open your eyes to new things and you will be able to realize this.

I hope you guys have found this article interesting and that it has helped anyone looking for some guidance on their fitness journey.


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