Ok, here’s the deal…

$65 for unlimited classes at BOTH the warehouse and Virginia Ave locations (only until the end of August 2013)

-Month-to-month recurring payment (this has to be set up as a contract…directions below)

-You can pause or cancel at any time for up to 90 days.  After 90 days, the rate automatically resets to the current unlimited rate.

-There is a $45 enrollment fee that includes your own gloves and wraps.  If you already have your own gloves and wraps, the enrollment fee is $20

For the new PUNCH location, there will only be 2 pricing options for classes, the above deal for current/loyal friends or 1 class for $20 (includes glove/wrap rental).  Starting September 1, the above unlimited deal will be $85.  Your current package will not be applicable at the new location but you most certainly can still use your current package at the warehouse.  This includes Groupon sessions, and any other sessions you have bought from us before.  If you currently have the monthly unlimited recurring deal for the warehouse, you will need to switch it over to the new recurring deal (directions below).   You will need to cancel your current deal, then repurchase the new recurring package.

We have also added a few new policies and procedures to run Bodyfit/Punch more efficiently and to better serve you.  First, your own gloves and wraps will be a requirement.  That is the main reason for the new “enrollment fee.”  This will also make for MUCH cleaner gloves/wraps and  a much cleaner gym.  If you forget your gloves/wraps, no problem unless it becomes a habit.  If this is the case, there will be a $3 glove/wrap rental fee.  Second, if you have been to a class at the new location, you already know that all PUNCH and KK classes will be held with no shoes.  Again, this makes for a much cleaner mat, not to mention a much better workout (working out bare foot is better for you)!  Third…I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of them right now.  We do not in anyway want these new deals or policies to turn any of you away.  That is why we are offering both locations for such a good deal.  We only want to keep striving forward and continue to create the best fitness classes in Lexington.  Thank you all for your loyalty and patients!

Here are the directions for purchasing the new deal for Unlimited Classes at both the Warehouse and the new Virginia Ave location:

1: Go to the online scheduling system https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=25022  (no need to login yet unless you need to cancel your current deal)

2: Click “Online Store” then click “Contracts”

3: Under the drop down menu, select an option (you need gloves, you already have gloves).  Remember, your own gloves and wraps will be required at the new location.

4: You will then be able to select a date that you want to start on.  This date should be the date of your 1st class with this package.  If you have a current package, then you should set this date on the day that you start back after your current package is finished.  If you have our current recurring package, you will need to cancel it first and start the new package at the end of the current billing cycle (example: current package ends on 8/21…new package start date should be set to 8/22).

Once this package is purchased, you are good to go!  Schedule classes at either location!  Remember, this deal ends August 31, 2013, so purchase it before then!  You can set your start date later but purchase now!

We look forward to seeing you at BOTH locations!


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