Exercise of the Week

Renegade Pushup

I know I have used this as my Exercise of the Week before, but it is worth another minute or two in the spotlight.  A lot of times people can forget about certain exercises that they haven’t done in a while, no matter how good of a particular exercise is.  That, or they just get too busy and forget to make another video for the upcoming week.  EITHER WAY, here is your weekly exercise, a great upper body and core movement.

Front View

The rhythm is pretty simple here: Pushup-Row-Row.  If you want you can alternate which arm you lead with for each rep, or you can lead with the same arm to keep a solid rhythm going.  Up to you.

Side View

Notice here how my body is in one straight line.  Along with the pushing and pulling motions of the exercise, focus on keeping a tight core and your hips down, making one straight line from head to toe.’


Here we have just added an extra pushup in between each row.  The rhythm is now Pushup-Row-Pushup-Row for one repetition.  Everything else stays the same.





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