and BOOM goes the dynamite!


Ok, here’s the deal…We have been working on new location for a couple of months now (planning it for a couple of years) and we want YOU to come check it out 1st!  So, starting on Monday 8.5.13 we are going to have 2 FREE classes a night, M-Th, for 2 weeks (free classes ending 8.15.13).  We may start adding more classes that second week but will at least have these 2 for sure.  The 2 classes will be PUNCH @ 5:30pm and KK @6:40pm (oh and a new KICKA$$ class coming SOON).  The format of each class will be the same as we have now but the location and atmosphere will be VERY different!  Come check it out, it’s FREAKIN AWESOME!

The scheduling system for this new location is not up and running yet.  So,  to schedule for these FREE classes (at the new location) you can 1: Send us Tweet @bodyfitPUNCH 2: Send us a FB message @ Bodyfit or 3: call us @ 859.474.0348.  The first 20 people to message or call us will secure a spot for class.  If the classes fill up, we will let you know.  For the first week of FREE classes, we are only open to current BF clients or anyone that has been to our classes before.  After that, we HIGHLY encourage you to invite your friends!

You may be wondering…”what are the prices for this new location and these new KICKA$$ classes?”  Well, if you are a current client and/or you have received this email/FB message/Tweet, then we have a deal for you!  …and you can find out what that deal is when you come in for classes next week (at the Warehouse or the NEW location). 

If you sign up for a class at the new location, please show up at least 10 minutes early.  We want to give you a tour (yes, it is big enough to take a tour) and there are a few formalities, of course.

The new location is @ 373 VIRGINIA AVE, SUITE 110, LEXINGTION, KY 40504





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