Exercise of the Week

KB Snatch

This may be a newer exercise to some of you.  It is very similar to the DB or KB Clean and Press.  The only difference is that you do not stop the KB at your shoulder.  Once it starts moving up, it doesn’t stop until it is over your head and you can “catch” the KB at the top of the movement.  A great full body, multi-joint exercise.

Front View

Start with the shoulder shrug along with the hip thrust in order to get the kettlebell moving vertically.  Here, instead of stopping like the Clean and Press, you want to continue that movement all the way up.  Tip:  Act as if you’re punching through the KB toward the ceiling.  You don’t really want to have to push the KB to the top.  You want to forcefully extend your arm and “catch” it at the top.

Side View

Notice here that there is still A LOT of hip movement going on.  The hip swing forward is what gets the exercise started.  Then you begin the vertical pull and “catch” at the top.



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