Shaking My Head

Yeah, I know…

I call this one the “What would be a cool way to kill myself” exercise.  Call me what you will, but I’m not even remotely impressed by this.  I’m actually shocked that somebody could be so incredibly stupid.  I mean, really, dude, what in the hell are you thinking??  You want to do Overhead Squats?  Fine, be my guest.  You want to do Pistol Squats?  Great, go ahead.  Hell, you can even stand on the kettlebell for a few minutes.  But adding all three of them together??  Do you think that makes you tough?  Do you think it makes you look like a bad ass?  Maybe even like you’re in great shape?  No.  No.  No.  Nothing even close to that.  I’ll tell you what it makes you look like.  It makes you look like a damn fool.  I’m literally fuming right now thinking about how stupid and dangerous this is.

I do not understand this trend for the life of me.  Why do people think combining already complex and difficult exercises into one ridiculously stupid exercise is okay?  What’s that?  Oh, it makes it tougher??  It activates more muscle fibers??  You know what else does that, genius??  Adding more weight to the bar.

Please, I’m begging you.  If you’re trying to combine 5 different exercises into one movement, just stop it.  Do yourself and the EMTs who are going to have to keep you alive a favor.  Just quit before you even start.  I see shit like this way too often, and every single time I do, I’m left Shaking My Head.


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