Exercise of the Week

Plank Climb

I know we have done these in class a lot.  I fact, we probably do them more than any of you would like.  And if you haven’t taken a class (what’s wrong with you????), chances are that you’ve still probably done these before.  So, why am I making it this weeks exercise?  Simply put, I see people doing them wrong all the time.  This week I want to take some time to show the correct way to do them.  Nothing fancy here this week, just the proper technique on a commonly misused exercise.

Front View

Focus here on my arms – obviously.  Whatever arm is the first arm to go up is the first arm to come down.  So, starting with the right arm… The motion would be right up, left up, right down, left down.  IF YOU ARE BEING TIMED… The next movement would be left up, right up, left up, right down.  When timing clients on this exercise I always have them alternate.  First up, first down, then switch.  Now, If I’m going for reps, sometimes I will do a specific number leading with my right arm, then switch and do the same with my left.  It simply depends on what format I’m using.  Either way, remember… First up, First down.

Side View

Notice here how my hips are down, and my body is in one flat line.  This is how every plank or pushup should look, regardless of the different alterations you are making.  Your point of rotation should be the part of the body that is touching the ground – FEET or KNEES – not your hips.  If you CANNOT keep your hips down and body in a straight line, then swallow your pride and do the exercise(s) from your knees.  There is no shame in that.  This exercise is meant to engage the core muscles, and by lowering or raising your hips you are doing just the opposite by allowing your core to relax.  Take away some of your own resistance (body weight) if you have a weaker core, and build your way up to going from your feet.  Tell yourself constantly throughout the movement – ABS TIGHT.  HIPS DOWN.



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