Everyone’s Favorite Thing…

Let’s face it… Most people just really don’t like doing cardio.  A lot of people look at cardio the same way they look at that red-headed step-child, it’s just a little nuisance.  Whether the don’t have the time, don’t have the patience, or simply prefer resistance training.

BUT, there are a lot of people who DO enjoy cardio.  Whether it’s the feel of the open road during a run, the “runner’s high” after a long distance run, or the feel of pushing yourself during a sprint workout, it works for a lot of people.  Is it the best way to build muscle or possibly get in shape??  That’s debatable.  But there is no arguing that with cardio there are countless health benefits.

What I want to do with a new entry to this blog is not only provide you with some of the benefits of cardio, but the differences in higher and lower intensity workouts, and then also provide you with some of my own cardio workouts.  I hope this weekly blog will give you some insight into the world of cardiovascular training, and, hopefully, motivate you to throw on those running shoes and hit the pavement.

Stay Tuned….


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