Exercise of the Week

Kettlebell “M” Pulls

This week’s exercise is a pretty complicated movement.  It combines two movements into one, complex, full-body exercise.  The two combined movements are the Upright Row and Side Squat.  As you’ll notice from the videos, not only are you squatting and pulling with the kettlebell, but you’re moving side to side while doing so.  Start off with a lighter weight until you get the motion down, then increase accordingly.  Also, very important on this motion not to pull as high as you normally would with a high pull exercise.  Just under shoulder level is fine here, since you don’t want the momentum causing you to hit your chin with the kettlebell.

**This exercise will be a little awkward at first.  Stick with it until you get the motion down, because it’s a great exercise

Front View

Start with the kettlebell in one hand and feet together.  Squat down, and on the way up, pull the kettlebell upward and step to the opposite direction at the same time.  Next, squat again with the feet shoulder width apart, taking the kettlebell to the ground.  On the way up, again pull the kettlebell high and bring your feet together, moving the opposite foot this time.  Last, lower the kettlebell down outside of the opposite foot, and continue the motion going back in the other direction.  All the way to one side and back to the start is one repetition.

Side View

As always here, keep your hips and knees back while going through the squatting motion.  With the kettlebell pull on the way up, try to keep your elbows higher than your wrists.


This is the same motion, I’ve simply added a jump to it.  Doesn’t have to be very high off the ground here to be much more difficult and very effective.


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