Exercise of the Week

4 Point Ab Touch

This week I’ve got a new exercise for you.  It is a fairly simple movement, but when done correctly, is great for increasing strength throughout the core and flexibility in the lower body.

Front View

Assume the standard pushup position.  Keeping your core tight and body in a straight line, bring your right foot up and out as far to the right as possible.  This is going to be the flexibility portion of the exercise.  Using your abdominal muscles, pick your leg up and return to the starting position.  Now, pull your foot under your body all the way to the left as far over and up as you can.  Then, using your abdominal muscles again, pick your foot up and return to the starting position.  The rotation is going to fire up those core muscle in this part of the movement.  Bringing the foot to both sides and back to the start is 1 repetition.

Side View

When bringing your foot out to the same side, touch your heel to the ground with your toes facing up.  This will force you to straighten your legs a bit more and get more of a stretch.  You may not be able to get up very high at the beginning, but have a goal in mind and work towards getting there.  If you can’t straighten your leg out very much, focus on going out to the side more until you can raise it up higher.



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