Shaking My Head

Stupid.  Just Stupid

You have got to be shitting me.  I am past the point of laughing at this photo and I am down right angry.  Two things immediately pop into my mind.  First of all, what kind of jack ass trainer things that this is really a good idea??  Nothing wrong with deep squats.  They’re great.  Nothing wrong with ring pushups.  Also great.  But putting the two together?!?  Using a human being as the base for a suspension trainer?!?  That’s one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard of.  Knowing that it came from a fitness “professional” makes me even more annoyed.  Second, who in their right mind is going to agree to do this???  Sure, wrap a suspension trainer around my neck and then hang a 200 pound man on it who will be constantly applying force in the opposite direction.  Also, please book my trip to the doctor after a break my neck and throw my back out all at once.

I just looked at this picture again and I almost threw my computer across the room.  I really cannot get over how utterly stupid and ridiculous this is.  Not only does the trainer who thought of this exercise, but any person who willingly does this needs to be smacked in the face.  Repeatedly.  And Forcefully.

I am usually and optimistic and positive guy.  This here though, gives me no hope for the human race at all.  Some people are just stupid.  I think this week it goes without saying that I am Shaking My Head.


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