Exercise of the Week

Double Kettlebell Swing

This week I’ve taken the traditional Kettlebell Swing and simply added another kettlebell into the movement.  Sometimes this is referred to as a skier swing.  There is a slight variation in the stance here but the motion is the same.

Front View

Notice here that the feet are close together and the hands are outside the legs.  I’m also looking forward as opposed to down at the ground.  This will help me keep my chin up, ultimately, helping me keep my back straight throughout the movement.

Side View

Stance is a little different here, but the motion is still the same.  Although there is a slight bend in the knee, the main rotation should be at the hips.  Push the hips back while the kettlebell is movement backward, the thrust the hips forward, creating momentum to move the kettlebell forward.  Think “less arms, more hips” to help you concentrate on using your glutes, hamstrings, and abs to get you through the movement.  Remember:  Back Flat.  Chest Out.  Chin Up.  Hip Thrust.



Here I’ve added a rowing motion at the top of the movement to get a little upper body action as well.  The first part of the movement is the same.  Hips back.  Thrust forward.  This time, however, when you feel the momentum of the kettlebell slowing down, pull back toward your shoulders and squeeze your shoulder blades together.  This will hit the back muscles.  From here, as opposed to just dropping the kettlebell, push it back out in front of you to the position it was in before the pull.  This will allow for downward momentum and a smooth transition into the next repetition.



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