Exercise of the Week

KB Lunge Side Twist

This week’s exercise takes the classic front lunge and adds a little twist to it (see what I did there???).  You’re going to get the normal lower body work that you would with the lunge, but were adding even more core work into it with the twisting motion and the kettlebell movement.  A great full body exercise for those looking to maximize your workout efficiency.

Front View

As you can see, you want to start with the kettlebell overhead.  At the same time as your lunge, begin to lower the kettlebell and rotate to the same side as you step out with.  On the way up, think to yourself “More Core, Less Arms.”  This will be a little difficult at first because the natural tendency is to use the arms to lift the kettlebell back up over your head.  Once you get your balance down and the hang of the movement, though, try to focus on using both your core and your momentum to bring that kettlebell back to its original position.

Side View

The main thing to focus on here, just as with any other lower body exercise, is the position of the knees and feet.  You don’t have to step out as far as possibly, but go out far enough that your front knee won’t be tempted to lean out in front of your foot.  Two things to take away from this view… The first thing is that once I plant my front foot, my back knee is going straight down to the ground.  No forward movement after the front foot hits the ground.  The second thing to notice is my torso.  I’m not leaning over once I begin my lunge.  Although your twisting, try your best to keep you chin and chest up, which will allow you to keep you body in one straight, vertical line.


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