Shaking My Head

Forgetting something there, guy??


For once, I am at a loss for words when trying to describe my thoughts.  Damn near every dumb, meat-head, tool-bag stereotype is popping into my head right now and chomping at the bit to get out.  For your sake, however, I’ll refrain from letting them all out.  This guy, though, my god.  He’s all sorts of mixed up.  What do you think this guy thinks whenever he walks into the gym???  It’s clearly nothing rational regarding neither his workout program nor his outfit.

First of all, this is not aesthetically pleasing to ANYBODY.  You take out Captain No Squats up there and nobody is going to think this is a good look.  I have never seen anybody, in person, with wider arms than legs.  Again, I’m (nearly) at a loss for words because of how utterly, ridiculously, stupid this guy looks.  For the sake of us all, please, shoot those steroids in your legs next time instead of right into your shoulders.

Second, physically this is not healthy for the body.  This guy is putting MASSIVE amounts of stress on his lower limbs without anything to combat that stress.  Imagine trying to hold up a big screen TV with two chopsticks.  What’s going to happen??  Of course, it’s going to collapse.  The same thing will happen here.  If this guy is to use his legs for ANYTHING other than walking, something bad is going to happen.  There just isn’t enough there to support it.  Your leg muscles are naturally the largest muscles in you body, and they should stay that way.

I can’t even come up with a clever ending to this post.  Mainly because I’m to busy laughing and Shaking My Head.



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