Exercise of the Week

Speed Skaters

This is a great plyometric drill that is not only great for leg strength, balance, and coordination, but good for cardiovascular development, too.  The name “Speed Skater” comes from the point in the movement in which you touch your hand to your opposite toe, mimicking a skater.

Front View

Here I am not covering a large gap when jumping just to show off the movement.  To work on a little more balance, pause while on one leg after going from side to side.  To add some intensity to the exercise, try covering more ground on the jump.  Make sure to use your legs and hips both with the jump as opposed to just the hips.

Side View

This is the best view to see how to balance here.  Use your off arm and off leg to help balance your body while bending down to touch.  Also, notice how I am bending and both the knees and hips here.  Bending only at the hips will result in low back pain.  So focus on using both leg and hip muscles to move through the exercise.  And as with any lower body exercise, concentrate on not rounding off the back as much as possible.  It will happen a little bit as you move lower to the ground, but focus on limiting it to a minimum.



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