Shaking My Head

This week’s edition can be classified under the “Stupid Shit I Hear in the Gym” category.  Here is an expert from a conversation heard while in the weight room yesterday….

Conversing about post-workout plans…

Dumb Guy 1: Hey you wanna do some cardio after we lift?

Dumb Guy 2: No man.  Cardio defeats the purpose of lifting weights.

… Continue stupid conversation

Yeah.  Um.  What???  Run that by me one more time, please… Doing what defeats the purpose of what???  This one was too much for me to leave alone.  One of my favorite things is eavesdropping on conversations such as these in the gym.  I don’t always do it to pick up material such as this.  I generally am very interested in different people’s take on different fitness topics.  It just so happens that many of the people who try to sound intelligent just end up shooting themselves in the foot.  This instance was no different.

I did not say anything to the young fellow at the time because not only did I understand the point he was attempting to get across, but I also didn’t want to be an ass hole and embarrass him.  The point he was trying to make is that doing massive amounts of weight lifting and distance running simultaneously are counterproductive.  In some cases, this is actually true.  A football player will never need to run a half marathon, and a marathoner will never need a one rep max.  People who want to put on so much size that they can’t even wipe their own ass…. No, they’re not going to need any cardio.  Sure, he was right about that instance.  These, however, are very extreme cases and generally some of the very few exceptions to the rule.

Contrary to his, and most people’s belief, cardio and resistance training play hand in hand with each other.  Resistance training can benefit those who are serious runners just as short, intense cardio can benefit those who lift weights regularly.  I won’t get into the science because that’s not the issue here.  The issue here is that so many people talk about stuff that they have absolutely no clue about.  The sad thing here is that I see and hear it all the time.  I am certainly no genius, and in fact have a lot to learn, but I at least try to limit my comments that are completely wrong.  Whether it’s the fitness world or not, I hear people say stuff that just isn’t true all of the time.  Whatever the topic, it undoubtedly leaves me Shaking My Head.


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