Exercise of the Week

Split Jump Exchange

This exercise is a combination of the Cycled Split Jump and the Lunge Exchange, both of which are tough enough on their own.  Adding the grip switch at the bottom will force you to not only bend your knees more upon landing, but it will make you hold that low lunge position longer, getting to some of those lower body muscles you may miss on a regular lunge.  You can do this exercise for time or for reps, either way those legs are going to be burning by the time you’re done.

Front View

Focus as much as you can here on keeping both feet facing straight forward.  Notice that I am not going through the exercise with great speed, but rather controlled.  This will help maintain balance and keep both feet facing forward, eliminating most side to side movement.  Also, note how far down my back knee is getting.  It is touching the ground or right above it on every rep.  Yes, this will make the exercise harder, but it is the right way to do it.

Side View

You’ll notice here that my feet really aren’t that far apart.  If I were lunging they would be further apart.  Whenever I’m doing this exercise, I like to keep my feet just a bit closer for a couple of reasons.  One, if forces me to bend my back knee, in order to prevent my front knee from coming too far forward in front of my toes.  Secondly, it allows my to push off of both feet evenly.  I tell all of my clients on exercise like this to “jump evenly, land evenly.”  Essentially, you want to push off of both feet equally, and also land with both feet evenly.  For me, keeping my feet closer together helps me do this.  Again, just as with the front view, notice the back knee going all the way or just above the ground.  Focus just as much on the back leg as the front.



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