Shaking My Head

Weight A Second

So what’s your first thought when you see this picture?  “Holy mackerel, that’s a shit ton of weight.”  Yeah, that’s most people’s reaction, and rightfully so.  Regardless of whether or not he is juicing, or if he can wipe his own ass, both are irrelevant.  It’s a lot of weight.  But you want to know my reaction when  I see and empty bench press with this much weight on it??


Yep.  That’s what I take away from that image.  And you know why??  It’s because I see it every single day in the gym.  Some douche bag who bench presses or squats 200 pounds thinks he is too good to re-rack his weights when he is done.  Don’t worry about the 10 signs in the gym telling you to rack your weight when you are done.  Don’t worry about the code of gym ethics that even a kindergartener understands.  Let me guess, your mom still picks up after you, cleans your dirty clothes, and packs your lunch every day for you, doesn’t she???

Seriously, this may piss me off more than any of my other hundred pet peeves in the gym.  It’s just common courtesy to clean up after yourself, no matter how much weight you lift or how big of a hurry you’re in to go hit on the girl on the elliptical (douche bag).  You got those weights out, you pick them up.  It’s nobody’s responsibility but your own.

Here’s my very simple, straightforward message to anyone who does this: PICK. YOUR. SHIT. UP.

You may think I’m overreacting a bit here, but trust me, I’m not.  One of my jobs requires me to be in the presence of morons on a daily basis (I’ll let you decide which job you think it is).   Because of this, I see weights left lying around every single day.  I promise, if you saw it as much as I do then you would understand why I’m left Shaking My Head.


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