Exercise of the Week

Around the World Squat

Most of you, if you have been to the Warehouse, have done this exercise.  You have at least done the Around the World exercise.  It’s a great movement that works all areas of the core.  Now, I’m just adding a squat into it.  Use your momentum from the lower body and core to move the kettlebell up and around your head.  Think to yourself:  Less Arms.  More Core.  This is a core movement, not an arm exercise.  Use it that way.

Foot position is important here.  You don’t have to have your feet as wide as mine are here.  But, you shouldn’t have them any wider.  The wider your feet, the more inversion you are going to have with your knees as you bend and rotate simultaneously.  So, no wider than shoulder width.  If that stance is too wide, bring your feet closer together.  Also, bend at BOTH hips and knees to get the kettlebell as low as possible.  If the movement hurts the low back, focus more on bending with the knees, using more legs than hips.

This side view give a good illustration that you may have to pivot on your toes while going down to the side.  You can see here, while I’m rotating down and to the right, I’m up on my left toe a little bit.  That will reduce the pressure placed on the knee here.  If you feel you need to pivot more, feel free in order to prevent any issues with the knee.

*Side to side is 1 repetition.



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